Childhood is a parade of milestones – next one is already coming before you’ve had a chance to fully take in the last one! Whether it’s rolling over, sitting, scooting, standing, running, and beyond, I freeze a piece of each one in time for you. Even just a short month later, you’ll look at the images and be amazed at how different they already are!

And between us parents: Please know that a successful session doesn’t depend on your kids having some magical ‘good’ day. I know how we can hesitate to set things up not knowing how our kids might react or behave. As a photographer and former elementary art teacher, I have 15 years’ experience keeping all kinds of kids engaged, excited, and interested. There isn’t a personality type or challenge I haven’t encountered. As a teacher, you work with whoever arrives no matter what mood they show up in, and it’s no different as a photographer. I am patient, I know how to redirect, delight, and let kids show me what works for them.

I have all kinds of things built in to keep this low stress for you – from welcome guides to a ‘library’ of all the outfits you need up to 18 months. We will get the images you are hoping for!

How It Works

1. Book a session (or package)
Whether you choose a single session or choose the Golden Year package (which includes sitting, standing, a cake smash session, and a complimentary family session), your options are flexible! All you have to do is contact me, describe what you’re looking for, and we can set up exactly what works for you.
For children up to 18 months, I have full sets of clothing options in the studio for you to select from. It’s best to choose from these, as I know how they photograph, and the colors will show up beautifully and consistently with the quality you’re hoping for. For older kids, you’ll receive a wardrobe guide, and you’re welcome to send me photos as you plan. I can tell you what outfits might not work the way you expect, and what will thrill you!

2. Enjoy your session(s)
Whether you opt for one of my recommended Chicagoland parks or the comfort of my studio, your session will be fun and your child will be given lots of space to be themselves. This isn’t a time for them to ‘perform,’ but to race around, laugh, and have a good time. I will keep up with them and create images that reflect who they are.

3. View and order images in one sitting.
About 1-2 weeks after your session, you’ll return to the studio to view your images, pick your favorites, and place an order. This is one of the best parts of my services, as instead of dragging your feet for weeks and trying to decide between thumbnails at home where distractions abound, you can come in, receive expert help, look at samples, and be done in under an hour. So refreshing!
You’ll be able to handle samples of modern display options (that you can’t get from drugstore or big Internet photo retailers). Whether you choose a thick-paged album or a barn wood frame, your order will blend perfectly with the style you love for your home!  Of course, if having strictly the digital files is more your thing I am happy to do that!

Pricing: A $175 retainer is required to book your selected date. My print and digital packages offer the best of all worlds: Flexibility, sharing, plus enjoying images every day! If you’re a digital-only family, I do have digital packages for $600, however most opt to build their own package that includes my specialty product. You can decide what you would like once you’ve had a chance to look through display samples and consider how you want to view the photos in 5-10 years.  At select times of the year I also offer mini sessions for $350 which are all-inclusive with your files.

Booking Tip: While I accommodate requests as soon as I can, it’s best to contact me 6-8 weeks before your preferred session date, or more during the busy fall season. Shoot me a note today!

Let’s get started, right here!


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