Family sessions catch you together in your perfect element – together. Every session is relaxed and leaves plenty of space for all the tickles, neck hugs, and quiet interactions that happen a hundred times a day now, but you’ll want to see and remember later. And the process is easy!

How It Works

1. Reserve Your Date
Drop me an email, and we’ll get acquainted. I’ll ask simple questions and get to know you and your style. We’ll select the best location and time for a session, you’ll pay a retainer, and I’ll reserve your date.

I’ll also fill you on all the perks of working with me. I offer wardrobe and styling help (yes, you’ll get info on specific clothes and links to ordering them online). You can opt to include hair and makeup services to make your session day easy. We’ll cover every detail that will help you feel familiar with the process and totally prepared!

2. Enjoy Your Session
On the day of the session, you’ll arrive and see me walking toward you with a big smile. My camera will be in my bag and I’ll probably start chatting with your kids right away. Once we’re acquainted, we’ll get started. You’ll find that after just minutes, the novelty of the camera wears off and you’re able to focus on each other, having fun, and the next little activity. It’s my job to worry about how you look – you are free to have fun!

Just between us parents, here are two quick things you can set your mind at ease about:

First, even though I’m capturing candid moments, I make sure that the images are flattering. I know how to move around you and angle my camera so that you genuinely love the way you look. I can give subtle direction where needed, but as a professional I know how to make sure you feel your best sides are all highlighted.

Second, I know how it is to set something up but wonder how your kids might react or behave. As a former art teacher and now a family photographer, I have worked with every kind of kid in every kind of mood over 15 years. When a group of kids tumbled into my art class every morning, I had to keep their interest and attention no matter how they felt that day, and I approach photography the same way. I know how to follow their lead, listen, redirect attention, and get images like those you see here of your family. Yes, even if you feel like your kid is going to be ‘a pill’ – I’ve got this.

3. View & Order Images
About 1-2 weeks after your session, you’ll return to the studio to view 20-30ish images, pick your favorites, and place an order in person. This means you won’t be stuck trying to carve out time at home to sit in front of your computer looking at a gallery and debating what to order for weeks.
Instead, you’ll have my expert advice and design service at the ready. You’ll confidently choose favorites and walk out with order in hand in under an hour. Clients tell me that this quick process is one of the best and most refreshing things about working with me! While you’re here, you’ll be able to handle samples of modern display options (that you can’t get from drugstore or big Internet photo retailers). Whether you choose a handmade wooden print or a barn wood frame, your order will blend perfectly with the style you love for your home!

Pricing: My print and digital packages start at $825, and offer the best of all worlds: Flexibility, sharing, plus enjoying images every day! If you’re a digital-only family, I do have digital-only packages for $600. You can make a decision later once you’ve had a chance to handle display samples and consider how you want to view the photos in 5-10 years.  I also offer mini sessions at select times of the year that are all-inclusive with your files for $375.

Booking Tip: While I accommodate requests as soon as I can, it’s best to contact me 6-8 weeks before your preferred session date, or more during the busy fall season. Shoot me a note today!

Let’s get started, right here!


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