What to expect

Great style. Professional service. No guesswork.

You are probably a laid-back person who loves time with your family, the ease of a well-styled home, and good service that makes you feel like a million bucks (without actually costing a million bucks).

When you book a session with me, you can expect:

* Modern style you can’t get anywhere else.
Your style is fresh and unique. Why struggle to integrate the mass-produced display options you find online when they never quite fit your vision? I offer products that mesh perfectly with your current style and make the focal point of any room. (Client home gallery coming soon)

* An obsession with customer service.
My studio has been around for almost a decade. This is my job, Monday through Friday. I’m here to answer questions promptly, send beautiful guides with the details you need, and offer expert advice on everything from wardrobe to what to do if you’re worried about how someone (read: your toddler) will act. I’m here for you.

* The benefits of a private studio space
If you book a studio session, you’ll find a cozy place stocked with snacks, outfits, couches, and everything you need to be comfortable (virtual tour coming soon). When you have an appointment, you’ll be the only family there – no uncomfortable waiting rooms, lines, or rushed expectations. Just me, you, and a space to create. If you opt for a session outdoors at sunset, you may still come into the studio for an in-person ordering session a week or two after your session. Why? Because you’re busy! There’s no need for you to squeeze in time between work and kids to page through an online gallery at home, shaking your fist at thumbnails and changing your mind repeatedly about whether 987 or 989 is better. Nope! You’ll come in, pick favorites, handle samples, and walk out with excitement about your order in under an hour. A refreshing change from the usual “on your own” procedure and you’ll get your images quickly!

* Relaxing sessions that include:
● Easy booking (that you can do at home in your yoga pants)
● Access to my complete wardrobe ‘library’ for expecting moms and children up to 18 months (no need to shop for outfits that may only be needed once!)
● Expert wardrobe advice for family sessions and older kids
● Access to hair and makeup services
● Plenty of session time for an un-rushed experience
● An in-person ordering session with expert design advice
● Prompt delivery of all products

* Clear and sensible pricing
Sessions are easy to book and packages are flexible. Pick which session you’re interested to learn more and see exactly what’s included and what your costs will run: maternity, newborn, children, families.

Want to see what my studio can create for you?  Then click here for a sneak peek!

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